Poetry: Leaving

I want to leave,

and leave everything behind.

I want to start over completely

in a place that I cannot even pronounce,

someplace beautiful.

When I say that

I want to leave everything behind,

I’m talking less about objects

and materialistic things;

I am talking about memories, feelings, and mistakes.


Wipe my brain clean of the smog;

all the pollution left upon it

from dirty people.

Wipe my heart clean

of all the undeserving fingerprints

that touched my beating heart without consent;

they reached under my rib cage,

tore flesh from bone,

and took it with force.

The poison from their toxicity

is still running through my bruised veins.

Wipe my conscious clean

of every regret, every hand I let slip

through my fingers…


Take these three aspects,

chop them up

and throw them in the bathtub.

Pour acid like gasoline

on their skin

and watch them burn.

Watch them dissolve into what they should be-


Watch them burn

for all the hell they put you through.

Pull the chain on the bathtub

and watch them turn into mini tornadoes,

no longer able to pull you up into their vortex.


Pull the chain

and watch them drain.

Watch them drain until there is nothing left.

Nothing- just like they should be.

They should be nothing;

they will be nothing.

I am leaving,

and leaving everything behind.

-1 February 2018


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